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Chania city transportation guide 2021

Updated: May 15

Tired of asking taxi drivers or at the corner kiosks? Here is your transportation 2021 Chania guide.

As the time passes on, the distinction between being a traveller or being a tourist in a foreign country is becoming more & more clear in my mind.

Having been an international traveller myself since the times when smart phones & wifi were not an option, slowly but consistently I have created my own traveller status. Having a traveller status has nothing to do with the money that you’ll spend in each destination that you’ll visit. It is more about having daily experiences, trying to communicate with people that have different cultures & languages, using their means of transportation, tasting their local flavours and discovering their cafés & restaurants, watching the local sports team or trying to understand the newspaper.

With this in mind, connecting all the above with our beautiful city of Chania, we have created a handy guide of Chania Travellers’ Information; the ways to get around Chania & some local unwritten rules.

As today May 14th 2021 is the official restart day for the Greek Travel & Tourism season, we hope that people who are looking for something beyond being around a swimming pool drinking their all inclusive beers, will find this information useful.

Let’s start with HOW TO GET AROUND CHANIA:

- Taxi Terminals:

You may find several terminals in Chania with plenty of taxis, so no worries. There might be delays during the high season night time only.

  1. East side of the Central market, in front of 1st Chania High School

  2. Opposite of the central Market, in front of National Bank of Greece

  3. 1866 square, opposite of the public bus terminal

  4. There is a small taxi station on the side of the Green public busses ( KTEL Chania ) station

  5. On Karaiskaki street at Kotzampasi square

- Radio Taxi Companies: There are few with a very good service and of course service cost to cover. You’ll receive a call when your taxi arrives, the estimated arrival time & the taxi number.

1. Radio Taxi ERMIS 2. Radio Taxi Kydon

- Local Public Buses ( Blue & White busses )

This is a very common means of transportation through Chania’s different neighborhoods. Some of the busses on the fleet are old, noisy & create a lot of smoke. There are also drivers who do not speak English. Make sure you have your ticket ready when you get on board or some coins to buy it from the driver. Do not risk trying and getting your ticket with a 20 EURO bill or more! There are high chances that you’d end up waiting for the next bus.

A very popular line is the one connecting Chania City with Platanias and they normally use a long double-bus which is always full. The bus terminals are all around the city, visit their website for further info. The bus line to Hospital is #24 from Zymvrakakidon street terminal

- Intercity Public Busses or KTEL Chania ( green busses )

Known better as KTEL or Green Busses, these intercity busses connect Chania city with plenty of destinations all around the island of Crete. Destinations to Heraklion, Rethymno, Georgioupoli, Apokoronas, Sfakia, Palaiochora or Kastelli all happen through this company. During the summer season there are also busses or minibuses to famous beaches such as: Balos, Falassarna or Seitan Limania. They keep updating their fleet & services, with an easy to navigate website. A very good solution to travel on Crete.

- Public Chania Bicycles

A bike sharing system from the municipality of Chania, spreading the culture of pedals all around the city! Easy to use, free for up to 3 hours of use + 1 EURO per extra hour, this is a modern & eco friendly solution. Their website is well made as well. There are four bike terminals around the city. The main downside is that some of their bikes are in bad condition. Check them well before you start riding.

1.East Terminal ( Defkalion sq. )

2.West Termnial ( Talos sq. )

3.Central South (Markopoulos sq. )

4.Central North ( Katechaki sq. )


By presenting the means of transportation in Chania city, we complete our first chapter of our handy Chania Travel Information. Note that pedestrian streets in Chania city are spreading around & making our city life more beautiful. Have in mind that walking is always the best way of moving around the city. You’ll have more chances to discover the hidden spots of the town & to taste the flavours with the locals.

Another hugely positive step is that the bike routes in the urban network have been created in the last few months in Chania. It is still not very extensive but it keeps spreading & shifts slowly and efficiently to a new eco friendly culture that our planet needs.

Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours is an online Travel Agency that always has the Traveller at the core. We are shifting the Tourism Industry to a Travel Experience always with eco-responsibility. Through our Walking Tours we are creating life moments that will stay with you and a network of people that share the same values.

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