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How to get around in Chania

Updated: Mar 6

Tired of asking for information the taxi drivers or at the corner kiosks? Here is your Chania transportation guide.

As the time passes on, the distinction between being a traveller or being a tourist in a foreign country is becoming more & more clear in today's world.

Having been an international traveller myself since the times, smart phones & wifi were not an option, slowly & consistently I have created my own traveller status.

It is more about having daily experiences that you might carry back home.

Like when you're trying to communicate with people that have different culture, language, using the local means of transportation that they use, tasting the flavours they do, discovering cafés & restaurants or even watching the local sports team while trying to understand the local newspaper.

With this in mind, connecting all the above with our beautiful city of Chania, we have created a handy guide of Chania Travellers’ Information; the ways to get around Chania & some local unwritten rules.

We hope that people who are looking for something beyond being around a swimming pool drinking all inclusive beers & ouzo, will find this information useful.

Chania Transportation guide

HOW TO GET AROUND IN CHANIA (if you don't like walking so much):

- Taxi Terminals:

You may find several taxi terminals in Chania with plenty of vehicles available, so no worries. There might be some delays during the high season night time. The most popular taxi rides are priced on a board, just where the taxi terminal is. So you'll know in advance what you supposed to pay.

- Radio Taxi Companies:

There are a couple Radio taxi companies in Chania, with good services. Of course there is an extra service cost to cover just because of the call. During high season (July-September) make sure that you'll not make last minute calls as you might be on the line waiting for an answer, for a long time.

Always ask for the estimated time of arrival & your taxi number.

How to get around Chania guide

Now let's dive into the real thing. Local Chania busses!!

This is a very popular for the locals mean of transportation, around & through Chania’s different neighborhoods. The urban busses. Some of them are really old, noisy & create a lot of smoke pollution. There are also drivers who do not speak much English and there are official reports that state, that some drivers have been unpolite.

So, better be prepared!

Make sure you have your ticket ready when you get on board or some coins to buy it from the driver ( alternatively, you can buy your bus tickets from the white kiosks or coin machines, if any, at the bigger bus terminals or from other random places like super markets, cigarette kiosks etc.). Good luck my friend!

Do not risk trying to get your ticket with a 20 EURO bill or bigger on the bus!

There are high chances that you’ll end up waiting for the next bus just because the driver hasn't got any change left!

Big plus: there is wifi connection inside the busses.

A very popular line is the one connecting Chania City with Platanias village & every place between. This is usually a long double-bus which is super crowded during the high season months.

*bus lines to the Hospital are # 17 & 24.

For full itineraries & information, visit their website: Chania Urban Bus .

- Intercity Public Busses (Green or Grey coloured or KTEL -for the locals-)

Chania public busses

Better known as KTEL or Green Busses, these intercity busses connect Chania city with many destinations all around the island of Crete.

Routes to Heraklion, Rethymno, Georgioupoli, Apokoronas, Sfakia, Palaiochora or Kastelli are only some of the popular destinations. These busses connect Chania city with all the small villages or even carry the kids to school every day. During the summer season there are also busses or minibuses to famous destinations such as: Elafonissi, Falassarna or to the entrance of Samaria gorge. They keep updating their fleet & services and it is a nice way to travel on Crete.

They have an easy to navigate website: KTEL CHANIA-RETHYMNO.

- Public Chania Bicycles

A bike sharing system from the municipality of Chania, spreading the culture of pedals all around the city! New bicycle roads have been made downtown, making more easy & safe, the transportation with a bicycle.

Easy to use, free for up to 3 hours of use. There will be 1 EURO charge per hour till the first 24 hours of use. For more, visit the webpage of Chania Municipality: Bike Sharing System.

There are four bike terminals around the city. Be aware that some of the bikes are in a not so good or even bad condition. Check them well before you start riding (tires, brakes etc.).

1.East Terminal (Defkalion sq.)

2.West Termnial (Talos sq.)

3.Central South (Markopoulos sq.)

4.Central North (Katechaki sq.)


By presenting the most popular means of transportation in Chania, we completed our first chapter of our handy Chania Travel Information. Note that pedestrian streets in Chania city are getting bigger & spreading all the time, while making our city life more beautiful & accessible. As you already know, walking is the best way of moving around and discovering a city.

We, at Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours, are paving new roads in the Travel industry by creating lifetime experiences, while considering that travellers & eco-responsibility, are always at the core of our actions.

We promote walking, bicycles & public means of transportation as the best solution of moving around Chania, during the high season.

Car rentals in Chania, are getting more expensive every year, with limited availability & very high cost of gasoline.

Through our Beer & Street Art Walking Tours we are creating life moments that will follow you back home through a network of people & businesses that we share the same values.


To stay in the loop of Travel & Beer news, fresh Blogs or Events, sign up to our Newsletter here.

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Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours
Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours
Apr 13, 2023

Yes, this article is meant to help travellers make their way with more ease and stress-free in Chania. We hope this can help save travellers from some headaches!


Apr 12, 2023

This will come in handy for travelling in Chania. Very very useful, good job, useful article.

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