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Updated: Sep 22

Barrelling down new roads, popping bottle caps across the globe and cracking open fresh waves of beer enthusiasts, Craft Beer just keeps getting better. Seizing the day -- or better yet the century. Carpe Diem.

This industry is creating raving fans & beer enthusiasts around the world. Side-kick industries are along for the ride in pursuit of synergy; a whole greater than the simple sum of its parts. This is where pairings come into play and elevate our senses into new beer drinking heights.

For beverage aficionados, it’s all about engaging the senses; taste, smell, sight, hearing, touch and feeling. Food & beer pairings are on the rise, and rightly so. But now it’s time to turn pairings up to 11 & spotlight another star element to compose epic beer-drinking moments. Music + beer pairings.

It’s no secret that music is of the essence in creating a mood, a vibe. Entering a bar, pub, festival or even a park hang, music is the supreme atmosphere-maker and the benefits of music on the human body & mind are downright formidable. Music is the beer’s best friend.

In the same way music streaming platforms use “vibe” keywords to categorize, beer styles have an equally broad range of moods. The words used are basically interchangeable - think about it; smooth, dynamic, chill, light, energized, wild, summery, dark, sexy, bright, classic, groovy, etc.

So… how DO we pair music and beer styles together?

We propose a tried & tested rule of thumb:

Birds of a feather flock together.

In other words, combine genres that flatter & compliment each other; ones that are alike.

To get some ideas brewing, here is a friendly suggestion for fuzing beats & taste buds, for a harmonious experience. Classic Golden Ales + Classic Flavourful Folk

Golden Ales (a.k.a. Blonde Ales) are defined as easy-drinking beers, with no tendency towards malts or hops, with a crisp finish. Golden, straw-colored or light amber in color, this style is truly approachable. This un-fussy beer style is gaining popularity thanks to its simplicity, coolness, balanced taste & great looks. Feel the gold rush!

On the record, literally or figuratively, let’s spin something classic, smooth to the ears with enough character to keep your foot tapping and head swaying to the beat. These music classics each in their own way offer pleasing, warm soundscapes. These two albums are part of the foundational flavours that are accessible to most people across generations.

Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde (1966)

Grateful Dead’s Blues for Allah (1975)

Golden Ales are benchmark bridge beers for new beer enthusiasts developing their taste buds. They help expand tasting flavour profiles in the wide realm of beer flavours. The same could be said about Dylan’s and the Grateful Dead’s classic albums. This music is warm to the auditory senses and provides a natural introduction into a rich music spectrum. For more seasoned beer drinkers, this music + beer pairing is timeless and classic; they always set the scene for a good, easy, enjoyable time..

Wrapping this up, keep in mind that the world of music + beer or sound + taste pairing is ours of the taking. Musicians & micro-breweries around the world are revolutionizing the kind of sensory experience we can get with beer styles and musical experiences; live, at home, at a festival or at a bar. They are a natural match in creating elevated, truly enjoyable moments.

On that note, DJ, play my song & cheers!

  • Bonnie

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