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Updated: May 6

Having made my first steps in the Travel & Tourism Industry of Greece back in 2000, writing my own blog in my very own web site in 2021 was not exactly something that crossed my mind.

It amazes me how much the traveling environment has changed in only 20 years (!) & how much more detailed & specific our trips have become as travellers.

Back then, for a young man of 22 years studying Tourism Business & Economics, when the offer came to work for three months during the Summer break in the Island of Wind (mostly known worldwide as Mykonos), I simply could not turn it down. When you are so young, all experiences matter in order to build your personality.

After all, all I was looking for was some money for the last Winter time & having fun. Could there be a better place than Mykonos? Just imagine that from having zero working experience, I arrived at the mecca of “anything is possible” of tourism worldwide.

Those three months made me wake up from the passive reality I had been living; home studies, University, weekends off. They opened my eyes wide: nationalities from all over the world, tourists, travellers, repeaters, diverse people with different languages, various cultures, a mix of money currencies. That was my new world. Working as a beach boy in the huge beach of Kalafatis in the East part of the island, I had the chance to meet all these unique people wearing only my swimsuit and my hat, while they had the same dress code. It was a very balancing and pleasant period.

That experience made me decide that I would like to continue my journey in the Travel & Tourism industry. It became my priority; my tourist season grew as my Winter University studies faded smaller & smaller in the background. Looking back on my memories, I find this is the important thing: Tourism & Travel should be all about experiences & fortunately it is evolving all the time in this direction.

Get Tour Chance to Get Experienced
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