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One night stand island ?

Updated: May 6

Back in 2019 I made the decision to apply for job on Santorini island. I did so mostly because I had no professional experience on that island & because I had the belief, and still do, that when we collect different experiences, it makes us better humans & professionals.

I arrived there in the first days of March when it was still Winter time & step by step I started to understand & analyze the special conditions of the island & the fact that Santorini is extremely beautiful .

Directing the Operations & Cruises shore excursions for a big Agency made me understand & have a global view of the island’s Tourism industry. What really impressed me was that by watching my daily transfers list, I realized that people arriving on Day 1 on the island had very likely their departure on Day 2 or maximum Day 3. This information reconfirmed with the island’s hoteliers that the average stay was 2 ½ days.

If we have a closer look during the Summer season, we’ll see a tiny island of 30kms from North to South moving unstoppably in the hunt for Oia’s sunset. With huge cruise ships arriving every day, plenty of scheduled ferry boats , a non-stop cable car as well touristic busses , mini vans , ATV’S , car rentals, bikes & even donkeys -- everybody is trying to get the best sunset picture . When the sun sets in Santorini & more specifically in Oia village, then everything is different. The island starts to breathe again & everything is magical.

When I left the island in November, I had a bitter taste in my mouth .This amazingly beautiful & unique island has for some months totally inhuman rhythms & no travel culture.

Coming back to Crete , I knew that I couldn’t support this model & I strongly believe that it cannot last in the long term. Later on, I used my Santorini experience in order to understand what I would like to taste as a traveller, being one myself. Human rhythms, eco-responsibility, non touristy tours, experiences that can be taken back home, small groups, discovering & tasting. That was inside me.

During January 2021, we started to put all the pieces together, following our plan & focusing on individual travellers than massive tourism. We created our online Travel Agency : Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours. Modern, simple, we are ready to hear , feel and have fun. We are connected with all the young at heart travellers by doing walking tours in the cities we love.

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Santorini, one night stand island ?
Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours . One Night Stand Island ?

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