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Best Small Group Tour Operator Crete 2024

Updated: Jun 16

The Travel & Tourism Award for

from Lux Life Magazine

goes to ...** Drum roll **

It's 2024 and the travel season in Crete has begun with enthousiasm and guests from across the world on our non-touristy tours! Marking our 4th season of small-group tours with excellence, we've been honoured by the Travel & Tourism Awards of Lux Life Magazine with:

We share this news with you, our community, with appreciation & excitement! Our most sincere gratitude for your countless heart-warming testimonials, gusto for our experiences, our non-touristy approach & genuine excitement year after year.

With all of you - our enthusiastic guests & devoted fans from across the world - this travel agency continues to grow its mission for more people to love Greece, Travel & LIFE!

From its inception in 2021, Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours has focused on offering small-group tours as an alternative to the invasive mass-tourism trends. We strive to create a positive impact in the modern Travel World of Greece, paving a path with eco-responsibility at the core, with a human approach & friendly attitude.

We believe in a wholesome future for travelling. Small groups is a sure way toward continuing to shape this wholesome vision into reality. We are so proud to be playing our part in this!

A lot of dedicated hard work, careful organization, excellence of service & high level of knowledge, go into our tours -- we are thankful for the recognition from the Lux Life Magazine, winning this award as The Best Small Group Tour Operator Crete 2024.

Now let's raise our glasses in celebration & continuing the good work!

Cheers to that!

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- Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours

Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours Crete Greece

Best Small Group Tour Operator Crete 2024

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