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Your gateway into the craft beer scene of Greece.



Bonnie and Clyde Craft Beer Tour Chania Crete

Beer tasting tours

Non-touristy tours,

in small groups,

for young-at-heart-travellers,

in Chania & Rethymno, Crete.

Put your guidebooks aside &

join us for stories,

brews and foods.

Enjoy Crete's heartbeat, with a cold one in hand!


Get your taste buds spinning

with some fantastic local foods & snacks.


It might blow your mind

how food pairings can change the taste of beer!

You will not leave the tour hungry.

Bonnie and Clyde Craft Beer Tour Chania Crete Food Tour
Bonnie and Clyde Craft Beer Tour Chania Crete


heck yes!

Craft beers : ones made by small & independent breweries.

This is an exciting time for the Greek craft beer scene

which now has 90 microbreweries (and counting).

It is booming!

Fall in love

with our craft beer world

one sip at a time.

For each one of our tours, we select the best

Greek craft brews & styles, 

with a spirit of beer appreciation for all of our guests.

— Being beer lovers & travellers ourselves,

we proudly created the 1st ever

Craft Beer Walking Tours in Greece!

We're bringing Greek Craft Beer

to the taste buds of travellers across the globe!


 " By the end you'll feel like you've gained a little beer buzz, a lot of knowledge and a new pal to boot.

Do it. "

— Jamie & Nicole

Bristol, United Kingdom

Bonnie and Clyde Craft Beer Tour Chania Crete

" We had an amazing time tasting beer & incredible food

around Chania!

An absolute highlight of our vacation.

(There's actually other beer than Mythos!) "

— Alvean & Jim

Gotherburg, Sweden

Bonnie and Clyde Craft Beer Tour Chania Crete

“ We hoped for a

small scale &

personal feeling tour that included tasty food & beers...

we were totally

blown away! "

— Kaija & Sean

Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.


Bonnie and clyde

… the famous couple reigns as the symbol

for adventure & making new rules.

Travel Agency co-founded by a joyful French-Canadian

Montreal gal sharing her joie de vivre &

a cosmopolitan Greek Athenian man with a sharp sense

of how travelling can evolve for the better.​

Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours Craft Beer Tour Chania Crete Greece

our philosophy

It's all about:

more people loving Greece, Travel, Life and the Sea.

Paving new roads in the modern travel industry,

with eco-responsibility at the core.

Promoting Crete's authentic character

through alternative tours.

Always with a human approach & friendly attitude.

Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours Walking Tour Chania Crete