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The First Craft Beer Tours in Greece !

When we launched the FIRST craft beer tours in GREECE, Spring 2021, we realized that we were pioneering in an emerging community of Greek craft beer lovers.

This is an exciting time for the Greek Beer Scene which now counts

This blue-skied country is BOOMING with top-notch beer. We're here to spread the news far & wide: GREEK CRAFT BEER IS AWESOME.

As we embark on our 4th season of our Craft Beer Tours Greece in Crete (Chania & Rethymno), the land of white mountains, azure blue seas, pink sand beaches and renowned gastronomy, we are proud to share that Greece is also becoming an international craft beer destination for the whole world to enjoy!

What is now turning heads & blowing minds is

the rise of the passionate, talented & incredible Greek Craft Beer Scene.

As far as Crete Island is concerned, the largest of all Greek islands, the low-down is that until 2017, there were only 3-4 breweries. In the span of only three years, in 2020 that number jumped to 12! Today in 2024, we count 16.

In Greece, there are over 110 independent breweries including a range from craft, micro / nano, beer-labs, one man show, nomads & larger macro breweries. Considering that the craft beer revolution began in the United States back in the 1970's, it was about time for Greece to get on the Beer Map.

This brings us to April 2021; a pivotal point for Greek craft beer.

The 1st Craft Beer Tours in Greece by

Proudly created by two beer & travel aficionados who joined forces to present the Greek craft beer scene to the world travellers.

Non-Touristy Tours

The authenticity and human approach to our tours are non-negotiable! Through alternative tours and promoting Crete's authentic character, we offer to our guests real experiences away from the tourist traps. That's our signature.

Craft beer & Local Gastronomy

craft beer food tour gastronomy chania crete greece

We keep the conversation around beer friendly for all levels, walking our guests through an introduction to beer history, beer-tasting techniques, useful vocabulary, sharing cool stories behind beer, demystifying beer styles & showcasing the best from our proud passionate, world-class breweries.

Plus, the Food Pairing Menus which we revamp seasonally will blow your mind! Each beer style is paired with food from the Cretan Gastronomy with both traditional and modern influences. This is taking beer tasting and appreciation to the next level.

Before we release our Eat & Crete Food Tour [out of the box], during April 2023, we were driving into the village mountains for months, in order to find places that even locals don't know that exist. In this food tour, we showcase the very best and most authentic Cretan gastronomy, local culture & Cretan people Now, that's worth the detour.

Eat and Crete Food Tour [out of the box] Chania

Local culture

On every tour, our guides reach into their vast knowledge base and share interesting stories, facts and relevant details to educate and suit the group's interests.

We have no interest in being boring or irrelevant. We keep it fun, dynamic and most of all, friendly to all.

The giant island of Crete, with its distinct geographical and historical background, has shaped its culture separately from the rest of the country (like Sicily in Italy or Corsica in France). We share generously with our guests the local traditions & culture, the unique hidden neighbourhoods and many fascinating stories from Crete's rich history, .

Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours

ABOUT Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours

"Bonnie and Clyde" …

the famous couple reigns as the symbol for adventure

and making your own rules.

During December 2020, these two beer and travel aficionados, decided that it was time to launch their own Travel Agency; one with a positive impact in the modern Travel World of Greece, by paving their own road, with a human and Earth-friendly approach.

''We decided to bridge the gap between thirsty travellers and the rise of the craft beer scene of Greece. As we pioneer in bringing Greek Craft Beer to the next level, the world stage, we keep building connections with travellers from across the world & strengthening our local craft beer community.''

Marie Claire Gagnier

Our "Bonnie" is a joyful

French-Canadian Montreal

entrepreneurial gal sharing

her joie de vivre and

knowledgeable love of beer.

Stelios Pagialakis

Our "Clyde" is a cosmopolitan Greek Athenian man

with a sharp sense of how travelling can evolve

for the better and decades of experience

in the travel sector under his belt.


Unlike some other countries whose beer scene is growing at the expense of quality,

in Greece we not only see the number of breweries growing but we can proudly say that the quality of beers produced is exceptionally high.

When you pair the Greek people's remarkable quality in the production of goods, their entrepreneurship and value for local businesses, centuries of experience in wine-making, distilling & fermenting, with the undeniable generational thirst for real, international flavour in beer... you have the golden ingredients to brew a craft beer movement!

Greek Beer Map by Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours

Greek beer culture has been centered for decades around hot days of Summer with ice-cold lagers served in frozen glasses. Luckily, this basic palette has evolved into a thirst for American hop-forward styles (IPAs of all types), English style pale ales, German and Belgian style wheat beers, pilsners with a Czech influence, seasonal selection of sour beers & big-flavoured stouts for Winter months.

The influence of European and North-American travellers as well as ex-pats seeking their favourite beer styles helped local businesses see the economical opportunity and tap a new market.

During 2021 saw Greece's first official big scale Craft beer festival which has sprung a multitude of new craft beer events across the country, strengthening the local beer culture and enthousiasm.

To the delight of local and visiting beer lovers, Greek craft brews can now be more easily be picked up at kiosks, bottle shops, restaurants, pubs and bars.

As we say in Greek; Ya Mas! Cheers!


Until you have the chance to visit us in person explore the Greek Craft Beer Scene on our blog posts:

Love Craft Beer & Travel stuff? Sign up to our Newsletter for fresh blogposts & insider tips!

Love & beer !

- Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours

Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours Chania Crete Greece

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2 комментария

12 апр. 2023 г.

Amazing! The first craft beer tours in Greece, that's amazing you guys, way to go!!

Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours
Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours
12 апр. 2023 г.
Ответ пользователю

Thank you so much for the encouragement! We're pioneering to bring Greek Craft Beer to the world stage!

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