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Taste Buds, Awaken!

Updated: May 6

For most of us, drinking beer begins at some time in our teenage years, when we take our first sip of beer and we think “This stuff is just awful! Who in their right mind would ever want to drink this for enjoyment?!”

Some time later, there comes another moment when our taste buds come ALIVE. It’s as though they’ve been in deep slumber for centuries and then, with one sip, they burst into the taste equivalent of full technicolor, Studio 54 and fireworks. This is the kind of beer that is worth every sip, every penny and every step taken to reach it.

My first was many moons ago, in my hometown of Montreal, at Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel. It was a frigid winter evening, like the ones Montrealers know all too well. The streets were cold and empty, yet the brasserie’s windows were fogged from the heat emanating from its jolly patrons. Thus, in I went and the rest is history.

It was Péché Mortel. That’s French for “Mortal Sin”. In my mouth it went and flushed my taste buds with its dark, velvety, dare I say seductive American Imperial Stout; a style originally brewed exclusively for the Russian court. I could not resist. This true beer is served only in glasses for moderation and making the pleasure last; no pints for this fierce 9.5% ABV coffee brunette. The tsunami of roasted coffee, healthy bitterness, full-bodied sugary malt, thick foam and rich aromas frankly just… gave it to me.

The magical liquid hit my taste buds like a tornado - I was in for it. I could never go back to light lager beers of urine-like aroma, bloating flat fizz and absence of character. I sat there in bewilderment and awe. This was the night I understood that beer was no longer a party keg-stand excuse. Beer had become an element of enjoyment in its true meaning. Without exaggeration, that cold winter eve changed my life forever. I was invited into the world of great beer, craft beer and the delights of a passionate wholesome community.

Many years of mostly enjoyable beer drinking later, we founded Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours and the very first Craft Beer Walking Tour in Crete! This year in 2021 we launch our own style of walking tours inspired by the power that craft beer has on both community and the self. We choose the non-touristy tour style, urban tours for young-at-heart travellers. With our Beer And The City Tour and Sunset Craft Beer Walking Tour, we strive to spark some of those aforementioned taste-bud-awakening moments with the gems of the Greek and Cretan craft beer industry, along the stunning cityscape of Chania as our “watering hole”.

So get thirsty!

Cheers to happy taste buds, great local brews & better travels!

  • Marie Claire Gagnier

Taste Buds, Awaken
Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours . Taste Buds,Awaken

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