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Updated: Sep 22

Individual traveller or seasonal tourist?

You never know what'll come up.

Here is your public services Chania guide.

The official reopening of the Travel & Tourism Season happened already. A new Summer is on the rise with even more new travellers, visitors & tourists arriving everyday on our beautiful island; Crete.

The big size of the island together with the large number of historical sites, monuments, museums, beautiful beaches, gorges & hiking paths and of course the Cretan gastronomy, have created a high average overnight stay.

More specifically, with an average stay of 8,2nights between arrival & departure time, it is clear that visitors in Crete have more chances of being in a situation where they might need to contact public services or need crucial information.

If your visit on the island is through an Overseas Tour Operator, you might have the chance to get the information or the assistance you might need through your local representative at the hotel.

As for the rest, individual travelers, visitors, hikers and digital nomads, here is your Chania Public Services guide, offered by Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours.

Including tips, sites, google maps, unwritten local rules paired with 15 years experience in Chania’s travel industry, we pave the way for more individual travellers to visit the beautiful island of Crete & more specifically - Chania.

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Let's start with the basics.

1. General Hospital of Chania

The new hospital website is much nicer & easier to use than the old one but unfortunately, there is no English version. The Hospital is located 4 kms. South of the city of Chania and it is easily accessible by bus #24, by taxi or your private car. It has just about all the health services required by a modern hospital.

You may contact them by email : or call at : +30 28213 42000 ,

+30 28210 22000. Be patient with the telephone call!

2. Chania Town Hall - and Κ.Ε.Π. ( KEP ) Citizens Services Centers

The Chania tourism website has an English version with lots of information such as monuments, archaeological sites, beaches, events, entertainment and activities in Chania. Moreover, it offers useful material and information about the local history, tradition, culture, the Cretan diet and the recent news of the Municipality.

It is very likely that while dealing with the Greek public sector or in case you need to issue an authorization for a person or to make a statement for the public services use, you will be asked for a written proof with your signature from KEP ( in Greek: Κ.Ε.Π. ).

There are two KEP locations in Chania City. They both operate: Weekdays 08:00-19:30, Saturday 08:00-13:30, Sunday off.

Always have your passport or ID with you when you visit them.

-Κ.Ε.Π. at Kydonias 29 street and the Town Hall.

-Κ.Ε.Π. at Eleftherias square in front of the Court House.

Chania Venetian harbour
Chania's Venetian Harbour

3. Post offices

Downtown Chania, there are three post offices with slightly different roles. What they do have in common: they all go slow! Let’s have a look at them:

1.Post office at Peridou 10 street: The main post office and the busiest of all. Normally there is a queue waiting on the sidewalk. Avoid it if possible.

Opening hours, 07:30-20:30 Weekends off.

2.Post office at Anapafseos 10 street : Less crowded, specialized in parcels. If you’re shipping or waiting for a box or a parcel, you’ll have to visit this post office. Make sure you have wrapped and taped it ahead of time, as you may face an unpleasant surprise otherwise

(they do not provide packing, taping, not even with extra cost). Opening hours, 07:30-14:45

Weekends off.

3.Post office at Kissamou 75 street : The smallest of all three. Specialized in services with higher priority, shorter delivery time or courier. Things are going really slow in there.

Good thing that there is an online games and football betting shop just next door

(the OPAP), where you can spend your time while waiting. Opening hours 07:30-14:45

Weekends off.

4.Chania Tourist information office, Kriari 40 street

A small office of the Greek National Tourism Organization is open weekdays 09:00-15:00 but unfortunately not on weekends.

Good level of services & information.

You may reach them by telephone also at : +30 28210 92943.

Extra tip! The telephone number of the Tourist Police is : +30 28210 31111.

Chania airport wagons
Chania's airport, good old luggage wagons

5.International Chania Airport & Souda Port

- Chania International Airport Ioannis Daskalogiannis (named by the famous Cretan revolutioner against Turks) has been recently renovated and the passenger station has been expanded. During the summer season in normal conditions, it is super busy. Charter, low cost, international & domestic flights are taking off or landing every few minutes.

You will not find free parking inside the airport area but you may be lucky and find some parking space just outside.

Their website provides all the necessary daily information about the airport’s traffic, delays etc. The airport is connected with Chania city with the green KTEL busses.

Souda port of Chania
Souda port of Chania aerial photo.

- Souda Port of Chania is the biggest natural port in all the Mediterranean Sea. A few years ago, huge new docks were created and slowly-slowly turned into a Cruise Ship destination port.

Big disadvantage: there is still no indoors passenger station. Advantage: there are many free parking spaces inside the port. Every day there is at least one ferry boat, connecting Souda with Piraeus Port and during the summer high, at least three.

No official website. The Port connects with Chania city with the urban blue busses.

6.Emergency public services and contacts

-Police station of Chania, Herakliou Av.

All services. Contact : +30 28210 25700, Emergency Phone Number : 100

-Fire station of Chania, Grigoriou E’ 14 street

All services. Contact : +30 28210 79340, Emergency Phone Number : 199

-Ambulance, Emergency Phone Number : 166

-Port Police/Hellenic Coast Guard

All services. Old Port Contact : +30 28210 98888, Souda port Contact : +30 28210 89240

The Chania Public services guide is part of Chania Traveler’s Information guide.

Please bear in mind that services and contact information keep updating as time passes.

On the other hand, the emergency three digit numbers never change.

At Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours, we believe that the route for the societies to be developed hand in hand with the travel industry is one: individual travellers, small groups of people that are looking for life moments - experiences & sustainability to the core!

It has become more than clear in our days that massive tourism is not the answer to our everyday problems. Quality is more important than quantity. This approach is becoming accepted even from giant tourist destinations, like Venice, which are now starting to make rules, in a place which used to have none.

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