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Top Nudist Beaches in Chania

We are BIG Sea and Sun lovers. We Love Nature.

Wearing a swimsuit by or in the sea just doesn't feel right; like a wall blocking our connection with water. Paying tribute to this sacred connection between Human & Water, we present some of the Top Nudist Beaches of Chania, Crete, Greece.

Being nude at the beach simply feels natural. There is nothing bad, shady or anything to be ashamed of with the human body. Water and the human body share a profound connection. We come in the light of this world after nine months of living & growing in our mother's womb; water on our skin is probably the first sensation we all feel. On top of that, human skin is water proof, not to mention that an adult human body consists of 60-65% water.

If you try, even just once, to be naked at the beach, it will immediately start to feel more friendly, more ''natural'' and it will help you realize that not everybody is there to stare. Being in the nude on a beach blends in with other bare bodies around. In fact, it is the person wearing a swimsuit that will attract everybody's attention instead.

So, relax, enjoy the sun and our Beautiful Blue Mediterranean Sea.

Top nudist beaches in Chania

- Top Nudist Beaches of Chania (short list) -

This tiny, beautiful, sandy & rocky beach with turquoise waters is the one closest to Chania town. If you enjoy snorkeling, this is an extra reason to visit this beach. During the busy Summer months, you are very likely to see many people there with swimsuits.

Don't let them fool you. This is a nudist beach.

One of the most beautiful beaches on Crete, undoubtfully, is Falassarna beach, at the West-North edge of the island. It is ruled almost every day by the West winds which are so common in Crete. The largest part of this huge sandy beach has been taken under the control, legally or not (according to recent facts that have came to light) by local businesses & now it is full of umbrellas, sunbeds, noise, people and their swimsuits. Just ignore them, head right and find your nude paradise, in the part between the Great sandy beach and the North-East of Falassarna beach.

Near the isolated village of Sougia, down on the South coast of Chania Prefecture, with an unobstructed view of the Libyan sea & the island of Gavdos, exists probably the most popular nudist beach of Chania. The whole beach spans roughly 1 km. from its Western to Eastern edge. Choose the most Eastern part of the beach, take your swimsuit off, enjoy the Sun & the amazing crystal clear sea.

Continuing along the South coast of Chania Prefecture, we are move to the crowded village of Paleochora. Thankfully, the majority of beach-goers head to the three main beaches of Pachia Ammos, Gialiskari & Anidri, leaving lots of space for those who love being in the nude at the shore. Head to beach all along the road from the village of Paleochora to Anidri, which is a great place for naked sunbathing and swimming.

Nudist beach Chania Crete

In this article, we just presented only a few Nudist beaches of Chania. This, does not mean that there are not more to present. The whole island of Crete is full of beaches, bigger or smaller, hidden or not, suitable for nudism, specially on the South coast all along the island.

None of these Top Nudist Beaches in Chania suggestions include options with umbrellas, sunbeds or beach bars. Not that you cannot find those amenities at walking distance. The thing is that we do not encourage seeing all this ''beach equipment'' as necessary in order to enjoy the Sea. In fact, it's worth mentioning that in many cases, they're harming the ecosystem & environment. All these specific spots mentioned here are completely free of charge for the public & without ''beach equipment''. They are just there, waiting for you to enjoy them.

We, at Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours , present topics that we are interested in when we enjoy our own travels, always with the thought to leave behind the smallest possible foot-print on our beautiful planet Earth.

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