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Craft Beer City Tour in Rethymno's Old Town

This tasty evening Craft Beer CITY Tour in Rethymno's Old Town is designed for beer lovers of all levels.

You asked for it, we delivered to all of you beer people!!

When we designed our Craft Beer City Tour in Rethymno's Old Town - Crete,

we combined a beer tasting experience with fascinating local stories, culture and the process of demystifying different beer styles.

We bring real, tangible brewing ingredients to the table, so you may discover how they each develop unique aroma and flavour to a beer. Every detail is set to awaken your senses and invite you deeper into the wonderful & absolutely delicious world of craft beer.

Beer Lovers Visiting Rethymno, This Tour is for You!

What it's all about

Experience an evening Craft Beer Tour combined with Rethymno's Old Town.

A beer tasting & walking city tour presenting various beer styles, selected from passionate Greek brewers. Uncover their unique characters & flavours at specialized craft beer pubs of the old city.

Greek craft beer will blow your mind!

What we'll do

We start our tour at a craft beer pub with a cold beer on tap & welcoming the group.

Then making our way through the most beautiful pedestrian streets of the Old Town, learning about its multi-cultural history.

Our next stop: craft beer tasting session to keep us refreshed, hopped & learning about the local craft beer scene, in a one-of-a-kind pub.

We continue walking along the most iconic landmarks (the Fortress & the Lighthouse) toward our final beer & food stop.

Satisfy your hunger & thirst with carefully selected quality finger food to accompany the draught beer of your choice .

Are tips accepted? Yes, if your guide did a good job, show them your appreciation!

This is your gateway into the Greek craft beer scene, which is rapidly emerging with phenomenal talent & passion.

The Craft Beer City Tour in Rethymno's Old Town:


✔ 5 Greek Craft Beers (samples & full)

✔ Visiting the best craft beer pubs in town

✔ Finger food

✔ Beer knowledge & local stories

✔ Unique souvenir

✔ All fees & 24% taxes

Bonus… get our top local recommendations!


✚ Proudly the 1st Craft Beer Walking Tour in Rethymno!

✚ Award Winning non-touristy Travel Agency

✚ Small groups of max. 8 people (larger groups upon request)

✚ Friendly & fun atmosphere

✚ Guided in English

✚ Walking : Easy ( 2.5 - 3kms )

✚ Start/End : Rethymno's Old Town

✚ In the company of an enthusiastic beer guide & homebrewer

✚ Not a pub crawl

What to bring
  • Valid ID

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Weather appropriate clothing (hat, sunglasses, layer for sunset)

  • Your own water bottle

  • Come hydrated, the Cretan sun is hot

  • Your enthusiasm!

See you soon for an authentic Greek beer experience!

Cheers! Yamas !

** This tour can also be booked as a Private Tour upon request.

See you soon for an authentic Greek beer experience!

Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours

Along with our core Craft Beer Tours in Chania,

the Craft Beer City Tour in Rethymno's Old Town are another step forward in representing our values & philosophy:

  • Non-touristy Tours

  • Always in Small groups

  • Eco-responsibility at the core

  • All in a friendly attitude

  • Support local societies

Paving new roads in the travel industry.

Bringing Greek Craft Beers to the World Stage - where they belong.


🍻 🍻 🍻

"Good Beer is a Human Right!" - Kjetil Jikiun

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See you in Crete, with a cold one in hand!


- Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours

Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours

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Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours
Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours
13 de abr. de 2023

Turn tour taste buds ON and we're excited to show you some lip-smacking beers and foods in Rethymno


12 de abr. de 2023

This sounds so delicious. Can't wait to try Cretan gastronomy and beers!

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