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Craft Beer & Gastronomy in Rethymno

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

A long, long, very long time ago... in the fertile plains of current day Middle East, where wild grasses grew in abundance, beer was born.

The people of the land found that grains, mixed with water the magic of fermentation, created a beverage that made them feel, well, better! They learned to breed these grasses into barley and wheat and thus turned themselves into farmers and brewers.

Beer has since evolved for over 15,000 years, crossing oceans, continents, taking on various flavours with a multitude of regional ingredients, fruits, herbs and processes. In northern Germany before 1000 AD, the hop flower changed beer history forever; highly aromatic, bitter and anti-bacterial in nature, it found its way into brewing and defined what we call "beer" to this very day. 1


When we designed our craft beer tasting sessions in Rethymnon, Crete, we infused the tasting experience with fascinating stories from beer history & demystify beer styles. We bring real, tangible brewing ingredients to the table to discover how they each develop unique aroma and flavour. Every detail is set to awaken your senses and invite you deeper into the wonderful, absolutely delicious world of craft beer.

To welcome you into the Greek Craft Beer Scene, the Beer Menu is picked from the best brews from microbreweries across the country. But that's not all... to elevate the tasting experience, we've carefully matched a Food Pairing Menu, turning your taste buds right on!

Each course of food pairing is served with two different craft beers that will change the way you taste your beer. The whole process is based on wine tasting methods with food pairings. You will not leave the tour hungry!

This is your gateway into the Greek craft beer scene, which is rapidly emerging with phenomenal talent & passion.

Location. Location. Location.

Right on the seafront of beautiful Rethymnon town, the sessions are hosted in the ambiance of the most up-to-date beerhouse in Crete, by a passionate home-brewer beer guide. Just the right place to match Bonnie and Clyde's character: experienced and passionate craft beer people, a vast selection of bottles & some of the best fresh Cretan beer on tap.

The Sessions Include:

✔ 6 craft beer samples ( bottled & on tap ) ✔ 1 full Craft Beer on tap, of your choice ✔ Specialty beer-food pairing menu ✔ Individual tasting chart (with useful beer vocabulary & notes) ✔ Tangible brewing ingredients ✔ Bonnie and Clyde souvenirs

Along with our core Craft Beer Tours,

the Craft Beer Tasting & Stories sessions in Rethymno are another step forward in representing our values & philosophy:

  • Non-touristy

  • Small groups

  • Eco-responsibility

  • All in a friendly attitude

Paving new roads in the travel industry.

Bringing Greek Craft Beers to the World Stage - where they belong.


🍻 🍻 🍻

"Good Beer is a Human Right!" - Kjetil Jikiun

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See you in Crete this year, with a cold one in hand!


- Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours

1 - "Tasting Beer" 2nd edition, 2009, 2017, Randy Mosher