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Updated: Feb 15

Craft beer... in Crete!?

Say whaaaat?!


Ladies & gentlemen, look no further for your Crete Craft Beer Guide.

We’ve done the leg work!

We’ve gathered Crete’s Craft Breweries in one place for easy access and to spotlight each one’s character. Here at Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours we’re devoted to developing the network between craft beer breweries, beer enthusiasts and eco-responsible travel.

Here is Part 2: West Crete.

(Looking for Part 1: East Crete? Find it here).


Before we show you the way to Crete's craft breweries, let’s get some basics about why we care anyhow :

1- We’re big time craft beer fans - dare we say beer geeks

2- We love to travel

3- We care about the Earth, oceans & eco-friendly choices, at our very core

We decided to link those three elements together, to bring our local brews to the world stage and created Greece’s very first Craft Beer Walking Tours. It was about time!

We kicked off Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours in Chania, Crete with our Craft Beer Walking Tours where we showcase the best brews of Greece to international beer enthusiasts and after a while, we moved to Rethymnon also.

Just think that until 2017, there were fewer than a handful of breweries on this vast island of Crete (the largest of all Greek islands). Since then, the number has boomed to 14 (and counting!) while Greece counts over 100 microbreweries!

Until you taste these fresh brews yourselves with us, on this lush sea & mountain island, we’ve gathered Crete's Craft Breweries in one place, for all you craft beer lovers.

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Crete Map Greece Island Chania Rethymno Heraklio Sitia Iearapetra


CHANIA - Crete’s timeless & picturesque city

Lafkas brewery Crete Craft Beer Guide


Belgian-Greek Fusion. White mountains. Summer beer-patio.

Visiting the Lafkas microbrewery on the outskirts of Chania City is a casual beer hangout with a playful twist. Picture a bright space with shiny fermenters, picnic tables, a state-of-the-art arcade tower, surfboards & beer patio. Michalis & Aurélie brew their go-to Triple Hop Pale Ale, a standard craft brew in the region and across Greece. They brew one-off yearly brews with distinct character; this 2021 season, make sure to freshen up with their latest Orange Wit Chaniotissa.

Xaos brews Crete Craft Beer Guide


Aficionados. Crew. Think outside the box.

This beer-loving squad has been turning heads for the past few years here in Chania & across the country. One of the few local microbreweries to offer their beer on draft gives them a favourable edge; they’re able to ship their heavenly beers all across Greece & who knows where they’ll grow next. Meeting the fellows behind Xaos (pronounced “Ha-os” like chaos in Greek) was a refreshingly down-to-earth rendez-vous with a welcoming, professional & gung-ho beer team. Find their beers at craft beer bars & stores.

Charma Cretan brewery Crete Craft Beer Guide


Fresh. Innovators. On tap.

Charma (pronounced “Harma”) is one of the first pioneers of Cretan beer. It began in 2007 with a vision of providing a high-quality & taste, local option for Cretan beer drinkers. Their beers are available in barrels exclusively, both at their brewery for organized visits and at various bars across Crete. They are eager to collaborate with other breweries, welcoming collaborations & trying new recipes. The result: fresh beer that tastes really good.

Lyra Handcrafted beer Crete Craft Beer Guide