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Where's the Craft Beer in Chania?

Get ready to fall in love

with Greek Craft Beer!

This is an exciting time for the Greek Beer Scene which now counts over 100 independent breweries.

It is booming!

Here, at Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours, we're pioneering in bringing our local brews to the next level: the world stage.

We proudly created the first ever Craft Beer Walking Tours in Greece!

If you love beer, our Craft Beer Tours are a must

in Chania & Rethymno, Crete.

" A must for beer fans visiting Chania! "

Pairings with Cretan food at a fantastic restaurant,

aromas and tastings of all kinds of beer made in Greece,

while learning much about the history of Cretan culture and beer.

- Christian

Hamburg, Germany

A delicious walking tour through Chania's Old Venetian Harbour.

Journey through flavours of amazing Greek craft beers & Cretan foods - seeing Chania's culture, hidden alleyways & the best Sunset view.

We've done the leg work to select the best brews, pair them with tasty foods, taking our guests to 4 unique locations across the Old Harbour of Chania.

Where to Shop for Craft Beers in Chania

This is by no means a complete list. This is a short list to satisfy the beer aficionado in you!



B is for Beer Craft Bottle Shop Chania


  • Bottle Shop

  • This cozy shop is the main place to find craft beer in Chania. You can find bottles and cans from Crete, epic breweries all over Greece, plus a small selection of unique international imports. The fridge is always full and shelves stocked.

  • Be warned: the schedule is irregular; better check before you go.

  • Location: Daskalogianni 55


grocery store chania craft beer bottle shop mini market


  • Convenience Store

  • Representing each microbrewery of Crete, including some from the East side which are almost impossible to find in Chania.

  • A small grocery store with architectural character with a coffee shop, bakery & a sommelier’s paradise wine-cave.

  • Location: Zampeliou 43


Foods and Goods craft beer bottle shop chania


  • Bottle Shop / Beers, Wines & Spirits

  • This cava holds a stellar selection of bottles (beers, wines and spirits). Management focusses on offering unique craft beers from across Greece; various styles, with many brews unavailable elsewhere in Chania.

  • This is a must for beverages enthusiasts seeking something special.

  • Location: Antoniou Michelidaki 6


charitakis logo craft beer chania bottle shop


  • State liquor store

  • This store specializes in high quality beer and coffee products.

  • In a warehouse-style location, this shop is worth the detour with its specialized variety of craft beers from across Greece.

  • Location: Riga Fereou 8


Super mini market chania craft beer bottle shop


  • Grocery store

  • This is a medium-sized grocery store on the road towards the airport and beaches of Seitan Limani and Marathi in the Akrotiri Peninsula, East of Chania City.

  • The owner makes it his mission to have a large spectrum of delicious beers available; from small to larger Greek craft breweries as well as Belgian and German beers.

  • Location: Pithari

Grocery store mini market craft beer bottle shop Chania


  • Grocery store

  • This is a small grocery store on the road towards the beaches of Stavros and Kalathas in the Akrotiri Peninsula, just East of Chania City.

  • They stock a decent variety of craft beers from Greece in their fridge - it makes for an excellent pit-stop on your route.

  • Location: Kalathas


A lot of energy & dedication goes into finding these treasures & sharing them with you travellers. We hope you enjoy our tips!

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Bon voyage!

- Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours

Bonnie and Clyde Urban Tours Crete Greece


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