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U.S.A. Craft Beer Blogs Worth Following

Updated: Jul 5

With over 150 styles and more than 20.000 brands to choose from, craft beer tasting has become a highly interesting hobby in the U.S.A. We present some of the most up to date and fun to follow craft beer Blogs.

Craft Beer is a worldwide phenomenon that is growing rapidly. The very strong players (breweries) are not only situated in the European countries and the USA but also in Canada, China, Vietnam, Japan, Australia etc. It looks as though slowly but steadily, the whole planet has become thirsty for craft beer.

Why has craft beer become so popular? There are many many reasons but we will focus and try to make a short analysis for a few of them here:

  • Home brewing is a hobby that is spreading fast. Everybody can try with a simple home kit and then, creating a small Craft Brewery is the next step. That means more craft beer production. Home brewers go a step forward by trying new tastes, new ingredients and new recipes. At the same time, their social networks have become their real time testers, fans and clients. Finally, we have more people involved with the craft beer.

  • Craft beers simply taste better. Brewers put their heart & soul in a bottle or can, together with quality ingredients. They pay special attention to the smallest details of the brewing process, something that massive production companies are not doing.

  • Craft beer pairs surprisingly well with food. They have built a great reputation for BBQ events, outdoor events, white meat (chicken/fish) plates, seafood, pasta, cheese & desserts.

  • There are all different kinds of craft beer, more than you can ever imagine: NEIPA, APA, Dark IPA, Double or Triple IPA, Triple Hop Ales, Imperial Stouts, Hoppy Summer Ales, Honey Weiss, to name only just a few of them. The list is as long as the brewers’ creativity & new craft beer types are developed all the time.

Getting back to our main topic, we don’t need to mention that Craft Beer is a big thing in the USA. With over 150 styles and more than 20.000 brands to choose from, beer tasting can become a highly interesting and fun hobby. Weekend breaks or holidays become the frame in which to search for new bars and pubs on the local scene. During craft beer festivals or just in everyday life, craft beer tasting is a social thing that also holds stories behind every product.

Craft breweries help the local economy and family-owned businesses to grow & progress. They create a need for new employees, brewers, specialized bottle shops and even travel experiences like our Craft Beer Walking Tours, all around the world.

In the USA, craft brewing dates back to the 1970s and the creation in 1976 of the New Albion Brewing Co. in Sonoma California.

New Albion Ale is acknowledged as the flagship beer brewed by the first U.S. microbrewery of the modern era.

Big CHEERS from all of us, to the pioneer Jack McAuliffe and his dream!

Here below is a selection of 5 very interesting and popular Craft Beer Blogs in the USA, among others, that are worth following. These are great resources that keep you up to date with the latest craft beer trends.

  1. Craftbeer.com

This website is published by the Brewers Association, a nonprofit organization that protects and promotes small & independent U.S. craft brewers. Their mission is to bring the stories of these people, businesses & communities, the heartbeat of U.S. craft beer, to all of us. Beer school, educational resources and amazing tools like: Brewery finder, Discover beer styles, Beer & food pair. In my opinion a must, to visit first.

2. Brew York

A guide to New York City beer since 2008. Editor is Chris O’Leary. Beer news, New York brewery map, a Beer Guide with recommendations of places to drink your beer, a beer events calendar and an amazingly complete archive of posts, dating back to September 2007. If you are visiting the Big Apple or would like to stay up to date about New York & beer, this is your website.

3. The Full Pint

The Full Pint has been a trusted place for craft breweries & those wanting information on craft beer for over 10 years now. It is an independently owned niche website that features beer news, beer reviews, beer events, opinions, articles, an e-shop and within the last year, a podcast with fun/interesting conversations, with leading people in the beer industry.


Brewpublic leaves no beer behind in the quest to bring thirsty Brewpublicans information on the finest craft ales, lagers, yeast culture, and all things beer and brewing related. Their mission is to provide us with current brewing news, events, and culture, like no other resource in the Pacific Northwest. Brewpublic is a community who shares a collective passion for all that brewing encompasses. Their motto: “Lets drink to our inalienable right to malt, yeast and the pursuit of hoppiness.”

5. Mr. Beer

Mr. Beer is all about making homebrewing easy and consistent. They are far from new in what they are doing; they were the first to have a 1-800 number support line and online chat! By mid 2000, Mr. Beer introduced an easier to use website, a beer of the month club, and the introduction of cider, well before today's cider craze!

After almost 20 years of strong growth and millions of homebrew kits sold, the company was acquired by the Coopers Brewery from Australia in December of 2011. The Coopers Brewery is a family owned brewery with 150 years of experience behind them, and the world's largest manufacturer of brewing malts.

Of course the list of beer blogs in the U.S.A. is huge and gets longer every day. We just compiled a small selection, choosing a variety of websites in terms of their geography or specialty.

That is our first edition and soon a second will follow, as we are not only a Travel Agency that operates non touristy Craft Beer Walking Tours and providing services but we also follow the Craft Beer scene and trends worldwide. Part of our mission is creating and developing a stronger Craft Beer network in Greece!

We fiercely include Craft brewers, festivals, bottle shops, travellers, venues and all beer enthusiasts of different levels. Craft beer community continues to become bigger & stronger. More is more for all of us, after all.

Stay tuned on our Blog page and sign up to our newsletter; we are only sending emails when we have something to say.

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